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SeC add-ons are used to expand the capabilities of the SeC platform. They can be used to integrate any external services or software with SeC (e.g. payment gateways, email marketing services, etc.) as well as incorporate custom features or custom themes. If you’re an experienced web developer, mobile application developer, or WordPress plugin/theme developer, please review the information below to learn how to start selling your own SeC add-on or theme now.

Our Add-on Marketplace provides a platform for you to publish, promote, and receive payment for your development work. We assess a 20% service fee to provide development support, market your add-on product and offer tools for you to address your add-on’s users.

Here’s how it works:
1. After purchasing, register as a developer
2. Submit your add-on or theme for review
3. Follow the instructions
4. Set a price for your add-on or theme

After your add-on or theme has been approved, SeC users will immediately be able to purchase it and you’ll begin to earn revenue. As an added bonus, your developer profile will also be listed with other SeC-proficient developers and you may receive custom development inquires from SeC users. When someone purchases your add-on or theme, we will accept an earned commission of 80% (post transaction fees) on the 31st day following the sale provided the buyer has not received a refund or chargeback for the sale. Add-on and theme authors are paid the last week of each month via PayPal so you must have a PayPal account that can receive payments. Add-on and theme authors are responsible for providing updates and support for their products at SmarteCart.com.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.