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Account Registration | Smart eCart Modular Theme

Account Pages

Smart eCart bypasses the default WordPress login page in order to provide users with a login experience that fully integrates with your entire site. Users can also login and register directly from the checkout page. Users are also given a unique dashboard page. From here, a user can edit their account information, review their purchases, and access their vouchers/invoices. If they are a merchant/sponsor, they can review their offerings, as well as submit new products through their dashboard. There is also an add-on that allows merchants to edit their products right from their dashboard.

Activity Dashboard ‹ Smart eCart Modular Theme — WordPress

Built in Reporting and Stats

Within the admin panel you can quickly check the performance of published deals/products to see how many sales you’ve generated, if the minimum and maximum number of sales were met, and when each product expires (if applicable). CSV exports are available on all reports. Front end reports are also available to users authorized with a merchant/sponsor.

The Smart eCart admin also offers complete management of Payments, Orders, Accounts, Gifts and Invoices/Vouchers management.

Add New Offer ‹ Smart Offers Theme Demo — WordPress


Once you create and launch an offering everything else is automated. That is, customers pay, the transaction is processed if the minimum number of orders is met, and customers are sent their vouchers/invoices. Based on your individual product settings, each offering is automatically unavailable for purchase once it expires, sells out, or a user has reached their maximum.

SeC Translator ‹ Smart Offers Theme Demo — WordPress


More than just localization, text generated by Smart eCart can be easily replaced via the translation tool right in your admin. That means you can replace text to match your particular business model, or you can translate your entire site to a new language. You can also replace your site’s language using provided PO and MO files. The available multi-language add-on also allows you to provide several versions of your site, customized across multiple regions.

Most system generated URLs can also be modified directly from the general settings. More complex URL customizations are documented on the forums.

SeC Settings ‹ Smart Offers Theme Demo — WordPress

Registration Terms & Privacy Policy

You can easily create a terms and conditions page as well as a privacy policy page. When users register they will be required to accept your terms and conditions as well as your privacy policy.

SEO Friendly

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a vital part of your business. Smart eCart allows you to take advantage of SEO best practices to increase the visibility of your content in search engines.

Clean Code

Our code is well written and organized, built with WordPress standards so that developers can easily alter actions and filter data without modifying core code.