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Smart eCart themes offer several additional features and built in add-ons, including:

Theme Options and Styling

Customize Smart Offers Theme — WordPress
Smart eCart themes fully integrate with WordPress’ Customizer, allowing you to add your logo and background image, as well as adjust site fonts and colors, with a live preview of your site. You can also include your own CSS with from the admin. Nearly limitless customizations can be done with development from a child theme.

Theme “Translator”

SeC Translator ‹ Smart Offers Theme Demo — WordPress
Smart eCart themes have a built “translator” tool to change any string of words generated from the theme. It’s simple to change “deals” to “offers” or “projects” to “events”, it’s as easy as copy and pasting.

Newsletter Integration

SeC Subscription Options ‹ Smart Offers Theme Demo — WordPress
Smart eCart themes integrate with MailChimp and Constant Contact to allow you to build your email newsletter list right from your sales system. You can even include a complete custom form to integrate with a variety of other subscription systems. Themes also offer subscriptions right on our site’s homepage to give gateway experience similar to some national daily deal sites.

Facebook Integration

Facebook Connect can be setup to allow users to login and register on your site using their Facebook accounts.


Smart eCart themes allow you to paste your Google Analytics or any other footer based tracking code embed code to the admin for inclusion on your site. This allows you to gather traffic information (e.g. hits, unique visits, etc.). You can also include code that is only used after a successful newsletter subscription.


The sidebar and footer widget areas are also a great place to include ads from Google AdSense, your script of choice, links to your own or other websites, or even banner ads for businesses that want to be featured prominently throughout your website.

Integrated Blog

Readability | Smart eCart Modular Theme
With custom blog templates, you can run your daily deals business and write blog posts from the same WordPress site. This is a terrific way to connect with customers and establish your site’s authority.

Side Offers

The included Recent Deals and Related Deals widgets can be used to display side deals throughout the site, keyed into specific moments in the checkout process. This is a terrific way to upsell customers into purchasing additional deals or products before checking out.

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