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Offer deals, projects, products, and downloads.

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Quickly and easily create and edit offers, launch multiple locations (e.g. Chicago, San Francisco) and assign categories (e.g. service, product, etc.) and tags (e.g. food, health, etc.) to your offerings. Once the offer is created, Smart eCart’s processes are completely automated: expiring, processing payments, sending notifications and making vouchers and invoices available per the offer’s settings without any additional management once the offer is published.

Locations supported.

One of the few software products with localized offers, Smart eCart includes logical redirects and custom backgrounds and logos based on location.

Purchase attributes.

Edit Offer ‹ Smart Offers Theme Demo — WordPress

Smart eCart allows you to set multiple purchase options (e.g. size, color, seating level, etc.) for each offering. CrowdFunding projects use this feature to offer rewards. The buyer selects the attribute from the dropdown menu and clicks the “Add to Cart” button. You may alternatively use this feature to display a list of charities for each deal instead — the buyers’ selections will be logged so you can payout the charity later. If you’d rather provide a charity selection option to customers on the checkout page, the Simple Charities add-on is a perfect fit.

Dynamic pricing.

Edit Offer ‹ Smart Offers Theme Demo — WordPress

Create flash deals with dynamic pricing; the product/deal listing will expire and the price will dynamically adjust according to the total number of purchases. Some payment gateways may not provide this functionality, Smart eCart single deal purchases add-on re-enables this feature some some gateways with a cart limitation.


Offers can also have location based shipping, location based tax, purchase limits per user and for the entire offer, expiration dates, categories, tags, and much more. Review the demo for the full set of options.

Insert video or gallery.

By default, you can easily add a featured image to each deal or product you create. However, you can also quickly paste an embed code to display something else like a YouTube video or Flickr photo gallery.


Custom Balloons | Smart Offers Theme Demo
Google Maps Integration simply paste in the Google Maps embed script for an offer and Smart eCart will automatically include the map on both the offer page and the voucher (if applicable).

Social sharing.

Smart eCart allows users to share offers and allows you to reward those sharers by offering users store credits when their sharing results in a purchase. Smart eCart uses ShareThis to provide customizable sharing links on each offering. Bit.ly integration is built into the system to help track shared URLs and provide realtime statistics. There are also several add-ons available that can help you build the rewards system that works for your business model.


Additional offer information can be provided via widgets in the offering sidebar. Default offer widgets are: Categories, Tags, Locations, Map, Fine Print, Highlights, and Share and Earn.

Custom product/voucher codes.

Smart eCart automatically generates random unique codes and QR codes for each voucher but you can also enter your own custom codes. This can be used for selling physical products, downloadable goods, or daily deals.

Order fulfillment.

SeC also allows you to keep track of order fulfillment, marking orders as Pending, Approved, Canceled, Processing, Dispatched, and Complete. In addition, you can create a notification that is sent when your product inventory is reduced to a certain level.