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Project | Offer Types | Smart eCart Modular Theme

Projects are fundraising opportunities a user can financially support and potentially earn rewards for supporting. Generally they are offered for a limited time and have a minimum threshold of finances committed that must be met before payments are collected. Not only can site admins create projects, but users can also register as sponsors to your site and submit their own projects to be approved by the site admin.¬†These are traditional crowd funding projects — think KickStarter or GoFundMe, but so much more!

With Smart eCart, you choose on a project-by-project basis if an offer is an all-or-nothing model or a more flexible funding. There are publicly stated fundraising goals that may be separate from the actual purchase threshold. This gives you the ultimate in flexibility for how you want to present your projects.

On top of that, you can offer your crowd funding projects side by side other offers like deals, products, or downloads!

Read more about how Smart eCart can be used as a Crowd Funding platform at crowdfundingsite.net.