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I’m here to tell you your software and Support Rock! I see us using [Smart eCart] for a number of things for a long, long time; we’ve run our 1st Deal and it’s done really well. We’re very happy!

Bradley E.

I do love your software…it is very well thought out and coded.

Walt H.

By the way, fantastic product and awesome support!

Robert G.

Fantastic support – Nothing but good things to say about you guys!

Colin B.

Thanks, great support as always!

Ted O.

Absolutely FANTASTIC. Cheers guys, speedy response, clear instructions. Made the change and works great. It’s great support like this that gives me so much confidence in the plugin going forward. Many thanks

First, let me say that you have built a very nice theme, I am impressed.

Adam G.

I’m amazed at [Smart eCart] and most of all your responsiveness.

Les P.

Thank you again for everything you have truly been so helpful and wonderful during this whole new venture.

Andrea S.

Just wanted to let you know I purchased the site a little while back and have been nothing but pleased with everything. All issues have been dealt with quickly, the forum is great, the site is great

Matt W.

Thanks so much, and you’ve been a huge help

Ernie L.

Thank you for your excellent customer service.

Corey S.

I looked at a ton of other group buying sites/mods, but yours is definitely the best that I’ve seen so far

Julian T.

Thank you for all the support…you are great.

Gavin T.

I am really impressed with the feature set

Marc A.

You have been tremendously helpful

Melanie B.

I would like to compliment you guys on a great product with excellent customer support.

Merritt N.

Thanks for all this terrific support

Neil S.

What you and your team have built is really terrific and we are looking forward to making the most of it.

John P.

Have I told you how awesome you are lately?

Vicki C.

Thank you very much for wonderful service

Silvia B.