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First thing you’ll need before you can launch your site is a domain so people know where to find your website. GoDaddy is one of the least expensive options out there.


You can start out with an inexpensive shared hosting account or a grid hosting solution but you may need to upgrade to a virtual private server or a dedicated server as you site receives more traffic. Some hosting providers give you a free domain with a new hosting account.


If you don’t want to be shackled to your hosting provider’s email service, you can switch to Google Apps for free. Google Apps allows you to easily create new email accounts for your employees, add email aliases, create email groups, and much more. Furthermore, Google Apps includes access to Google Docs, Calendars, Groups, Sites, Video, Talk, and many more third party applications available in the Google Apps Marketplace.


If you want a professionally designed logo, we highly recommend using a logo contest website. These services allow you to post a prize amount for the winning logo design and the designers can submit their logo designs for you to choose the winner.

Payment Gateways

You’ll need to accept payments from customers that buy your products or services. We’ve integrated the following solutions into our software.

Email Marketing

This is essential for collecting subscribers’ email addresses and notifying them of latest services and products that are published on your site.


Do you need to start a new business for your venture? Perhaps you need a copyright, trademark, or legal documents, terms and conditions, or a privacy policy?

Project Management

Do you have multiple team members assisting you with your site? Who’s answering phone calls and email from customers? A project management application can assist you in keeping track of all the daily operations to ensure you’re getting things done and your business stays on course.

Customer Support

Do you have merchants or customers with questions that need assistance? A customer service solution can help you effectively address and manage any issues that arise.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs can help boost traffic to your site and obtain more purchases. Publishers that display banner ads or affiliate links to your site earn a commission for every sale they generate for you.

Website Backups

It’s important to backup your website regularly and many hosting providers offer their own solution to help you do that. However, if you don’t want to use your hosting provider’s backup service, there are some alternatives.