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Smart eCart members are provided access to instructional videos, documentation, and forums to address SeC related questions and offer instructional assistance for operating the default SeC software. Support is available to current SeC members Monday through Friday from 9AM to 5PM PST excluding U.S. holidays. All support requests are addressed in the forums according to priority and the order in which the support request was received. Top priority is given to the most urgent issues with less urgent support requests addressed thereafter. Response times vary with the number of open support issues submitted and the quality of information provided in the support request. Generally we can provide feedback on any support request within 24 hours unless otherwise noted for specific forums.

Hands-on assistance and customization is not included with your Smart eCart membership and must be purchased separately from a SeC-proficient developer. If you are requesting instructional assistance that requires our forum moderators to show you where to find SeC hooks/filters, or display a few lines of code, we can assist you. However, if your support inquiry requires much more than that, we can only provide direction or refer you to a developer for custom development services. SeC runs in combination with WordPress but we cannot provide general support for WordPress that isn’t associated with the SeC software. There are plenty of resources elsewhere that can teach you how to use WordPress (e.g. WordPress.org, YouTube.com, etc.) should you have any questions about it.

We update Smart eCart frequently to quickly address any bugs that are reported. If you think you’ve encountered a bug, use the forum to report it. When a legitimate bug has been confirmed we may provide a temporary fix in the forums and later update the core plugin/theme in another release. We can usually fix bugs within 24 hours after they have been reported and quickly provide a minor software update.